Gavmish Abad
• (Gavmish means Buffalo in Persian) is a neighborhood on the east coast of karun river which is the most watery and the longest river in Iran. The main job of the residents to earn their living is raising buffalos. Cowherds take the buffalos by the water of The river all day which makes the Gavmish Abad a joyful place for the children to play around and swim next to the buffalos.
• © Nesam Keshavarz | 2015
Gavmish Abad.
A portrait of the cowboy in his stable at "Gavmish Abad"
You can't.
Father and his sons are taking care of the buffalos.
An arab kids are swinging on a palm in a garbagful alley at Gavmish Abad.
The Equinox.
Some of the cowboys of the " Gavmish Abad" at karun river
portrait of cowboy after swim.
The kids, playing in karun river
swim time.
The kids are playing and spending their time beside Karun river.
An evening. The cowboy is taking the Buffalos to karun river